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From Host Cam Parry:  "It takes a state like Oregon and the one and only KWRO 630 AM (101.1 FM) to produce a truly one of a kind "go anywhere, do (almost) anything" radio and "Hooked on Oregon" certainly fills that bill."

With listeners that range from the spectacular Oregon Coast to Europe, the show continues the spirit of the wonderful Richard DeChambeau under the guidance of long-time outdoor writer, devoted fish (and old Winchester) guy Cam Parry. No stranger to a career of decidedly off-the-wall outdoor adventures across North America, Cam leads the show each week armed with only the nearest highland malt, a sharp pen knife and his old Olympia typewriter.

Kendra, Cam's life-long partner in crime who threw caution to the wind many years ago when she said "I do" (because she didn't want a boring life...which falls into the "be careful what you wish for" category), is the show's producer and true guiding light. Kendra finds delightful guests across the globe in categories from celebrities to scientists, adventurers and space explorers, crack shots and grand old guides. Her diverse lineup each week might discuss anything from Rogue River fishing to Eastern Oregon Elk hunting, and the upcoming Mars Mission to the search for the Pacific Northwest's last living sea monster...the Cadborosaurus.

"Hooked On" engineer Jeff Galusha is widely known for his refined sense of humor, steady hand and calm presence when dealing with the ever unpredictable Cam and Bill, but he's even better known for tearing, cutting, pulling, breaking, bruising, bouncing, crashing, mashing and generally abusing every part of his body on the Oregon Dunes...which makes him the show's foremost sand dune expert and highest insurance risk. ODFW wildlife biologist and professional “Bear Spanker” Stu Love shares the “Fur and Feathers” report every other week with the delightful little lady,  of all things that require gunpowder, Marcey Fullerton (everybody’s favorite pistol packing Mama). Oregon State Marine Corps League Commandant (Trapper Dave) Dave Romanowski fills us in on the international fur market and heads the Kids Fish Free (No Child Left Inside) rod giveaway program every Christmas.

Rounding out the cast of regulars on the show are longtime pals Mark Fleck of Englund Marine in Charleston for all your commercial and sport fishing needs, Tony Roszkowski and his tremendous weekly fishing report and delectable crab sandwiches from Old Town Brandon's Crab Shack, Forrest Simpson and his weekly gun talk (plus free coffee, "real" licorice and Monty Python songs) from his famous FCS Protective Services gun shop in Bandon, the original Wild Women of Charleston (lead by Oregon's “ wildest"of women Mel Campbell), Joe and the gang with great weekly fishing and gear tips from the "Bite's On" tackle shop in Empire, and the amazing Bussmann family with Bussman's mobile ranch butchering for all your old time butcher shop and mobile butchering needs (and the best beef jerky anywhere!).

So tune in each week to see who will show up, what the boys will say, and why some fans call the show "Prairie Home Companion on speed." You'll be glad you did and so will we!

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